The Picturesque Episodes – Dreams V

release cover

a slow burning collage of dreams
a broad stream of consciousness
a barefoot walk through the treetops
a feedback loop from trains that never came
a broken tape recording of boreal lights
a heartache that never seems to go out

Date emitted: 22 November, 2018
Number of tracks: 8
Total lenght: 59 min
Catalogue number: EEM040

ref/inter – iwbiactnle

release cover

The topic of this EP is the state of being, the shifts in thinking and the question of identity, when the country you were born in does no longer exist on the political map of the world. Thoughts on this topic were gathered from various Lithuanian artists in order to compose this EP, which was initially a performance for a group exhibition “I Was Born in a Country That No Longer Exists” presented in 2017, in Duisburg, Germany.

Date emitted: 3 May, 2018
Number of tracks: 3
Total lenght: 33 min
Catalogue number: EEM035
Type: EP

Ersha – Conservation Of Angular Momentum

release cover

“Conservation Of Angular Momentum” is a touching album full of cinematic ambient sounds. The main attention is paid to the extensive, sublime atmospheres. Convulsing melodies and sound effects in the background do not let the listener fall into a monotonic mood, on the contrary, it evokes a spacious palette of listener’s musical senses.

Date emitted: 5 April, 2018
Number of tracks: 8
Total lenght: 58 min
Catalogue number: EEM033

eww – I Follow

release cover

I follow subtle seismic ambient vibrations that immerse me in a deep state in-between the world of dreams and the dream about distant worlds covered in a fog of colours.

Date emitted: 7 March, 2018
Number of tracks: 9
Total lenght: 72 min
Catalogue number: EEM031

KiB – 9

release cover

Album talking about nine lives, about worlds and planets, the mysticism of number nine, the completeness of the single-digit numbers.

Date emitted: 13 December, 2017
Number of tracks: 9
Total lenght: 72 min
Catalogue number: EEM026

KiB – Medžių Kapai

release cover

The first album created by KiB which is not only music, but also a neverending story.

Date emitted: 15 May, 2017
Number of tracks: 11
Total lenght: 61 min
Catalogue number: EEM021

KiB – The Arms Without Head

release cover

The first release of KiB on Electron Emitter.

Date emitted: 14 May, 2014
Number of tracks: 7
Total lenght: 52 min
Catalogue number: EEM008

The Picturesque Episodes – Dreams IV

release cover

The first release of The Picturesque Episodes on Electron Emitter.

Date emitted: 31 January, 2014
Number of tracks: 10
Total lenght: 35 min
Catalogue number: EEM005

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