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I follow subtle seismic ambient vibrations that immerse me in a deep state in-between the world of dreams and the dream about distant worlds covered in a fog of colours.
Rhythmic and slow landscapes.



Release info:

Artist: eww
Title: I Follow
Field: Low Voltage
Date emitted: 7 March, 2018
Number of tracks: 9
Total lenght: 72 min
Catalogue number: EEM031


When I was a child once I got a cassette by Jean Michel Jarre called “Zoolook”. While it was playing I completely lost myself in mysterious unearthly landscapes the music triggered in my mind. The rhythm heard in “Wooloomooloo” seemed like the sound of turning wheels of a huge machine investigating the surface of an unknown world.

I follow the sound that I hear in my mind and then try to recreate it. Often I do not get exactly what I want, but the feeling and the overall image usually remains. I see distant worlds, bizarre surfaces, skies of unexpected colors. I travel through those worlds following the mathematically precise route calculated by some ancient Artificial Intelligence God. I travel and explore, collect DNA samples of extinct aliens, analyze them and learn that those aliens are us, just from a different time.

I have started calmly, but at the end my trip gets intense. I move quickly like a droplet falling in hypergravity. I only see fragments of vast worlds, deep oceans, and massive mountains.

As the previous album “Maddest Sanity” this one has a hand-drawn cover for every track. The first tracks of the album were created 15 years ago, while the last ones are fresh. The difference in the mastery of sound processing can be easily heard, but more important is the difference in the mood and the feel of the music, which represent the development of the personality. I consider this album to be a representation of continuous metamorphosis of a single person rather than a mere compilation of past and present tracks because the overarching themes can be easily distinguished.

The sound is sometimes described as slow IDM. The distinct feature of the album is that only a few tracks have real drum samples, however, almost all of them are quite rhythmical. Rhythms are created just the way J. M. Jarre did that on “Zoolook” – using weird sounds, pulsing synths, and very clear melodies. Due to the lack of easily recognized drums, the album is sometimes ascribed to ambient, however, I’d call it “seismic ambient”, because of extremely heavy basslines.

Artworks are on videos

Time – a deep soundtrack for a mysterious movie about time travel with flashbacks of dancing stone-age tribes and heavy spacecraft.

Polyethylene – a microscopic world of flexible polymers in a flexible and bright track.

DNA – it’s another huge molecule encoding our happiness with just four types of parts. Another bright track made with a minimalistic set of sounds.

Σ – another minimalist track expressing the concept of adding everything together, and representing complex surfaces with just a pair of vectors.

Form – trying to find the shape of the shapeless. Suddenly energy becomes matter and this matter has a form.

Fragments – fragments of many worlds arranged into a kaleidoscope, to skip through them swiftly. Each one of them is huge and immersing, but we don’t have time, so we keep moving.

Parabola – we’re starting from a high position and moving down to a near silence at the x=0 point. After which we start climbing up again.

Freefall of a Droplet – an intense freefall of a droplet through various layers of atmosphere and underground. Sometimes it’s just a few microns away from getting blown by an obstacle.

Fog of Colours – a blurry and incoherent world, a mystical fog through which we can only hear the most intense world-shaking sounds. This track is directly inspired by Björk’s The Gate.

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