Electron Emitter is promoting electronic music of various experimental styles and encouraging artists to create.

Why Electron?
Because we release electronic music.

Why Emitter?
Because releasing is like … emitting.

How are we encouraging artists to create?
By providing their fans the ability to download free mp3 or buy high-quality digital releases. Also, we organize events where our artists can perform live and meet their fans.

Our philosophy is to be free from predefined genres – we are encouraging new, unexpected ideas, mixing and blending of existing genres and inventing new ones. That is why you will rarely see names of genres on our page. Instead, releases are divided into four distinctive fields for the convenience of listeners, so they can easily find similar items to those they like.

The sound
We are the label of subtle, complex and creative electronic music. It can be harsh pulsing noise, dreamy ambient soundscapes, positive relaxed dub or madness of beats. It can make your ears into dodecahedron or your mood as smooth as graphene. But if it ignites a spark in your mind, then it is suitable here.

Electron Emitter branched out Electron Transition – audio production services for slightly mad individuals.

Electron Transition has two operating rooms for production:

– The main studio, where most of the time we’re making Patchers. This is the space where post-production takes place.

Using experience from numerous events, inspiration from other experimental artists, and knowledge gained producting music for many years we’re adapting our expertise towards a common objective with our clients – this makes Electron Transition tailored for someone looking for something unbound.

– The Foley studio, where most of the time we’re trying to catch rogue flies. This is the place where they all die, eventually.

Built to house our obsession with recording and sampling everything, to turn it into sound-installations, soundtracks or making improvisational performances. And of course, foley.


For any questions (releases, events, media, interview, pizza delivery…) write to this email.

We also use facebook, if you have no allergy to Zuckerberg, you can follow or contact us there too.

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Demo policy

If you want to release your music on our label, you can send us a demo. Upload at least 3 of your best tracks to some listenable service on the internet and send us a link to an email provided below. We will contact you if we are interested.


We are looking for artists from various experimental fields to increase the variety and geography of sounds. However, feel free to contribute to existing ones.


Our label is grateful to friends who help us to make the events happen, to spread the word about releases and provide support during the alien invasion.

Play4n4 – Production Studio that gathers Community of Artists devoted to electronic dance music, art and Culture.
Ghia – The unification of Lithuania’s dark experimental scene.
Paviljonas – event space.
Matters – a platform for industrial culture.
Ž6EŽMAR6A6 – festival organizer.