Deltahedron – Generation of Power

release cover

Each power plant has a different feel and process but heavy basslines and tight rhythms will ensure a continuous operation.

Date emitted: 21 February, 2018
Number of tracks: 5
Total lenght: 22 min
Type: EP
Catalogue number: EEM030

No(Spin) – From The Vaults

release cover

It all started one faithful night in oldtown of Vilnius city near a decade ago.

Date emitted: 3 October, 2017
Number of tracks: 11
Total lenght: 50 min
Catalogue number: EEM023

eww – Maddest Sanity

release cover

Every track of this album has its own cover and beats. It may sound like created by a madman, who left his cave after 10 years of musical isolation.

Date emitted: 23 February, 2017
Number of tracks: 10
Total lenght: 64 min
Catalogue number: EEM019

Deltahedron – Machine Learning

release cover

We all hear that machines and AI are going to surpass us soon, but for the time being they have a lot to learn from the meatbags still in control. This bass heavy, experimental EP of techno-ish trap-like beats presents the process of machine learning in one particular specimen.

Date emitted: 4 December, 2016
Number of tracks: 4
Total lenght: 16 min
Type: EP
Catalogue number: EEM018

Sinage – Labirintas (Red Version)

release cover

Sinage album “Labirintas (Red Version)” is one continuous musical journey through Endless City, a dark and twisted place, where thinking differently is considered a Sin. Underneath it all lies a massive labyrinth – the only way to change anything in this world. Find the exit and change the world. If you dare.

Date emitted: 9 May, 2016
Number of tracks: 14
Total lenght: 51 min
Catalogue number: EEM014

Otherkind – Third Capital

release cover

First release of Otherkind on Electron Emitter.

Date emitted: 14 February, 2014
Number of tracks: 12
Total lenght: 69 min
Catalogue number: EEM006

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