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Soma Happiens is an audio trip through calm ambient soundscapes, trip-hop beats, swinging dub music and a bit of psychedelia. Calm, maybe quite melancholic, but mainly positive.
It is the project by Martynas Timinskas - electronic music producer, musician, songwriter and arranger from Kaunas, Lithuania. His musical background starts with Hip-Hop - MC and beatmaking. After arriving to Kaunas, Martynas formed and performed vocals in punk'ish/ska'ish/rock'ish band called "Neanoniminių alkoholikų klubo kibiras kultūros namų saviveiklinis vokalinis instrumentinis ansamblis Pop Grupė" (because punk rock, that's why). After several great years the band split up and Martynas joined hardrock/punk team "Oil Busters" as a bass player. Nowadays Martynas plays bass in upcoming post/prog/punk/psychedelic rock project "Number Station" and will be happy to promote that stuff whenever it's the right time.

Having an experience of different roles in different genres, it is not a surprise to find various elements of different types of music coexisting together in Soma Happiens tracks: from dub to post-rock, to classical music.

"I view Soma Happiens as a field for sonic, genre-bending experiments. But as much as I love experiments, the pleasure of chill comes first. My music has to be somewhat pleasant, thought provoking and dreamy. At least, that is how I hear it. I play rock, and I play it loud. Soma Happiens is where I come to think and relax."

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