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Sinage is a Lithuanian dark alternative electronic music project inspired by a different range of harsh electronic sounds – from aggressive synthpunk and rave music to cold witch house and noisy industrial. The main vision of Sinage sound is to take something familiar and make it sound new and interesting, to challenge the listener with new ideas about the concepts they already know.
Sinage has two albums under its belt. “Labirintas (Red Version)”, released in 2016, is an experimental concept album, a synthesis between sound and literature. It’s a cyberpunk story of revolution – trying to change for good even in the most hopeless of times. „Sinwave“, released in 2018, is a neurotic and chaotic trip to the depths of the emotion and feelings. It’s a refined and melodic album filled with dance beats packed inside a unique sound aesthetic that clashes chiptune synths and rave sounds.
Coming from the mind of Karolis Čepas – songwriter, electronic music producer, and drummer from Vilnius, Lithuania, Sinage is a romantic view of life, full of sweet solitude and longing for someone or something… yet full of dark aggressive emotions.

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