Noise Ladder
Noise Ladder is art project created by Nicolas Lafay in 2015. It explores the field of noise music through performances which confront body with technology and cassette records.

The name was inspired by Jacob's ladder, the famous moog filter technology as well the chimney sweeps.
Nicolas Lafay is a sound artist and electronic designer born in Savoy, France. He studied fine art in the Art school of Grenoble (France) and has run many music projects from experimental music to breakcore/hardcore since 10 years. In 2012 he started to develop his own electronic instruments and currently he is performing with a home made modular synthesizer.

Japan noise, the films of Guy Debord, Patric Catani, Spiral Tribe, the Metamkine label and disco music are parts of his inspiration.

Nicolas divides his time in making noise, teaching video to the kids, reading philosophy and studying Torah.

He is working and living in Vilnius.

Noise Ladder

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