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Electronic Music producer Hypercube (born Rodrigo Passannanti) debuted with a full-length album (Earobics) on Hypnotic / Cleopatra USA label in 1996 known for top acts like FSOL, Loop Guru and many more, the album received a substantial level of interest among listeners and labels at the time and as result several tracks appeared on various world-wide compilations in the years to follow bringing timeless status to the album which is still obtainable on major retails today (iTunes, Amazon etc).
Since then Hypercube has been producing and releasing numerous recordings under different names among labels such as Blue Room (UK) - Klang Galerie (Austria) - Nova Tek (Germany) - Criminal Records (UK) - SPV (Poland) - Nova Zembla (Belgium) - Ressonus (Czech Republic) - Abstrakt Reflections (Argentina) etc including live gigs and a long term collaboration with producer Andy Hughes (former member of the ORB).

Hypercube music focuses on experimentation with extensive use of software effect plugins, audio editors and sound processors within the computer environment.

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