Harsh intelligent happiness, complex beats and heavy plastik.
This is where the harsh reality and inner darkness meet the power of positivity and inner happiness – amidst the interconnections of musical yin and yang the eww project is born. Complex rhythms, bright melodies, immersive backgrounds and heavy plastik are the keywords that represent artist’s aesthetics. Why “intelligent”, non-mainstream music must always be so dark or at least have large doses of irony? I want to sprinkle some positive vibes on it. Why happy music is always so plain and sterile? I want to add some complexity to it.
I never stop at a single established style and always create what sounds the best for me, however, I’m naturally influenced by my favourite genres – jazz, breakcore and experimental electronics. I have always preferred more thought-oriented music for sitting calmly and listening in the evening rather than body-oriented music for dancing in the parties. So, even in active and uplifting music, I search for complexity or subtlety.
daily music
What does “eww” mean? Actually, it means nothing, entering those letters into a speech synthesizer produced an interesting sound, which carried the mood of “Huh?”, but prolonged. Now it became a nice logo with happy e and edgy ws. It should be pronounced as “e double-u double-u”. Or even “e double-double-u” which is also logically true but less conventional.

such conceptual picture

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