Entropija is a solo experimental music project by Kaunas resident Marius Paulikas, based on live improvisation and eclectic sources of sound: from analog synthesizers and digital effects to acoustic instruments and objects, from contact microphones to power tools. Starting in 2016, entropija has performed over 20 times in various cultural spaces and Electron Emitter events. The only creative constant is unpredictability; every new recording or performance is just another step in project’s evolution.
Entropija music exists in a constant tension between form and indeterminacy, in a process of continuous collapse and reconstitution. Accidents and errors provoke artist’s intuition, directing the flow of improvisation towards ever new directions, disregarding music theory norms and genre conventions. What emerges from this chaos is a pure-hearted enthusiasm for sonic exploration, seeking to break down barriers and expand the horizons of conscious experience.

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