Number Eleven
"My pseudonym Number Eleven doesn’t state that I, as a human being am number eleventh. The pseudonym just states the number, without any intended meaning. It would be the same if I wrote it "11"."

Number Eleven is a quantization.

The input is the reality which is running on its own.
The human brain is an intermediate, which processes the input through its perception, splits it into different psychological states - inputs. The point is to quantize and measure each input, to see into your own point of perception.

The result of quantization is sounds.
This allows to actually evaluate your own developed thinking structure, how the measurements are being done, how much detail the results have and see how useful it can be to continue to develop the system.
Number Eleven
All of the albums represent a continuous line of development, from an idea to a worldview.

His style is most commonly associated with industrial IDM, though it is variable every time, so it is called experimental most of the time. Another way to describe his music would be harsh and gritty sounds, but instead of distortion and clipping, the artist provides a surgical cut of the harmonic structure.
The signature of his sound is a ridiculous amounts of reverb, powerful complex forge of rhythmic structures which are hard to stand and fathom, coupled with the angry synthesis of orchestral and electronic surges of extreme insanity and sadness put at the precision of a scalpel.
He doesn’t use any hardware synths, or other out of the (computer) box instruments and keeps his work inside the DAW. Although samples are usually recorded and used in sequences, all of the work is being done inside the computer using patchers and heavy automation of the original sound.

Also, he produces audio reactive visuals for his tracks by drawing them line by line, creating a specific structure for each sample and then piling them all into one, usually chaotic eye hurting strobes.
Number Eleven
Number Eleven
His live performances are usually held in complete darkness, leaving the illumination to his audio reactive visuals. It is a fatiguing, intense and more an artistic performance than a live show, usually confronting the listener by scaring them with rhythmics five times more complex than expected, usually for longer than a standard hour, requiring more attention than just dancing to it.

His palette consists of two colours, which strictly highlight the contours of abstract things and ideas generated inside the system, which is influenced by the flow of everyday routine and unexpected events.
"I named myself Number Eleven, because of a coincidence. I used to look at clocks, and most of the times I saw X hours and 11 minutes. I did notice that, but when I was thinking how to name myself, I didn’t think of the number, or the time, or the clocks."
Number Eleven