No(Spin) in some circles known as Jaroslav Bartosevic was born in Vilnius, Lithuania. Fascination with music was build up in childhood by Russian alternative rock, while getting older other music styles kicked in. First of all - hip hop and nu-metal, later on, the heavy metal and brutal genres of all metal sub-genres such as death, black, symphonic metal, even including some mathcore. Years went by and more music styles crept into the mind of No(Spin), mostly influenced by fire spinning - trip-hop, dubstep, drum and bass. And last one genre made a huge break in into daily life of No(Spin).

Inspired by broken beats and heavy bass-lines, while playing bass guitar himself in a folk metal band and later in a doom-metal collective, he decided to take upon a task of spreading the "word". Firstly it was due to fun and nothing more, later on, desires to create came upon and everything started to speed up: the first gig was heavy - GaDi music festival in 2010 and then there was more and more. And from the first day of DJ-ing every tune was getting heavier and darker, darker and heavier until the drum and bass became crossbreed, crossbreed became hardcore. Now everything is mixed in a sick way of harmonic disaster, main tunes correspond with each other in a fashion of spoken words of a tale - a whole tale of everyday-life sickness, love and carnage.

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