In a quiet room, surrounded by cables and tiny blinking lights, sits the face behind Ilsol, aggressively hitting one key on his synthesizer while twisting knobs, occasionally hitting the record button thus including the sound into a loop that has been torturing the insides of his headphones for several hours.
What used to be a slight interest in the occult and anything paranormal grew into conjuring worlds and exploring mental states via the medium of sound. Being a long time musical extremes enthusiast Ilsol aims to create atmospheric soundscapes seeping with melancholia by utilizing a wide arsenal of instruments accumulated throughout the years: anything from a 2$ plastic harmonica to a barely functional PSR series Yamaha synthesizer from the early nineties.
With no formal musical education, all of Ilsol’s compositions are either lucky accidents or exploratory journeys, bordering on the lightly whimsical and immensely grim. Having spent the better part of youth exploring abandoned military complexes and cemeteries the sounds are inspired by vast empty spaces, decay and the extraterrestrial entities manifested from a sensitive imagination trying to make up for the lack of light in crumbling underground bunkers.
Ilsol is an ever-evolving stream of self-expression, different in texture and material with every incarnation, but firm on the final goal of sculpting familiar and yet otherworldly visions.

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