The music of 6P3S was born at a workbench in a garage, not in front of a computer screen.
And it didn’t start with music – it started with audio amplifiers. One particularly special amplifier ended up using the long-forgotten vacuum triode – 6P3S.
Once the amplification has been established, the need to amplify a signal became apparent. That’s when the very first electronic instruments and modules joined the party, starting with a vacuum tube multivibrator oscillator and continuing with an entire rack of modules.
Inspired by space and analogue photography 6P3S leads his sonic inspirations into loose and weird techno beats, wrapped around in a chaotic, yet predictable ambience of beeps and boops of his noisy and ungrounded equipment, through crackling cables, imperfect resistors and colourful saturation.
It ends up being up high in the exosphere, watching the sky glow, stars dancing in your head, rather than hard on the floor banger.
It’s a trip for a party, to bring that astral atmosphere down to earth, to enjoy and relax – the space is endless, but it can be brought to the dancefloor.

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