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Nicolas Lafay in collaboration with Laura Marija Balčiūnaitė presents “ILYA”.
This is a limited release of 30 copies. The music is composed by Nicolas and recorded on cassette tape with artworks hand painted by Laura Marija.



Release info:

Artist: Noise Ladder
Title: ILYA
Field: Lightning Storm
Date emitted: 5th October, 2016
Number of tracks: 2 (A & B sides of the tape)
Total lenght: 19 min
Type: Cassette
Catalogue number: EEM016

Full story:

Laura Marija and Nicolas met in the artspace Studium P (Vilnius) where both made shows.

“ILYA” creates a confluence between the drawing universe of Laura Marija Balčiūnaitė and the synthetic noise of Nicolas Lafay. It suggests new ways of feeling noises by interlacing sensuality and poetry into abstract and raw sounds.

This project got inspiration from the concept of the philosopher Emmanuel Levinas “there is” (“il y a” in french), and especially from a text in the book “Ethic and infinity”:

“Philipe Nemo: But the first book in which you express your own thought is a short work entitled “Existence and Existents”.[…] What is its subject?

Emmanuel Levinas: It deals with what I call the “there is” [il y a]. I did not know Apollinaire had written a work entitled “There is”. But for him, the expression signifies the joy of what exists, the abundance, a little like Heideggerian “es gibt”. For me, to contrary, “there is” is the phenomenon of impersonal being: “it”. My reflection on this subject starts with childhood memories. The child sleeps alone, but the adults continue life; the child feels the silence of his bedroom as “rumbling”.

Ph.N.: A rumbling silence?

E.L.: It I something resembling what one hears when one puts an empty shell close to the ear, as if emptiness were full, as if the silence were a noise. It is something one can also feel when one thinks that even if there were nothing, the fact that “there is” is undeniable.”

The tape was introduced in a presentation at Venclovų Namai Muziejus in Vilnius. (with photos)

Laura Marija Balčiūnaitė is a young artist from Vilnius. Her experience of studies in industrial design and monumental art gave a start to mixed media art she is creating now. She uses a mixed technique of drawing, sculpture and performance. Laura is exploring fields of passion, fountains, and love. She is interested in random erotics and everyday exotic human relations and feelings. Laura Marija is now moving to Barcelona to explore fountains and create new things.

Nicolas Lafay is a sound artist and electronic designer born in Savoy, France. He studied fine Art in the Art school of Grenoble (France) and has run many music projects from experimental music to breakcore/hardcore since 10 years. Nicolas divides his time in making noise, teaching video to the kids, reading philosophy and studying Torah.
He is working and living in Vilnius.

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