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This album is about beat impressionism, when the beat does not make the rhythm, but the mood instead. Breakcore and IDM inspired mess of beats and breaks and plastic.



Release info:

Artist: eww
Title: The Cat Has Cometh!
Field: Lightning Storm
Date emitted: 11 January, 2019
Number of tracks: 8
Total lenght: 32 min
Catalogue number: EEM041


When I was a child I used to gather all the wooden, metal and plastic boxes to make my “drum set”. I played my drums with spoons and sang aloud: “The cat has cometh!”. My passion for rhythmic music never faded, so, after growing up I still gathered all wooden, metal and plastic samples to make my virtual drum set.

I like when the beat is not merely a metronome, even my favourite rock bands have drummer leaders – “Magma” with Christian Vander and “高円寺百景” with Tatsuya Yoshida. I like when the beat is flow, when it creates melody, when it gives tempo not only by beating the drum faster or slower but by creating the feeling of speed or chill. I do not intend to create a total abstract avant-garde mess, which ceases to sound musical, instead, I want to create the impressionist-like approach, when complex structures give rise to clear and almost tangible impressions.

This “beat impressionism” might sound a bit harsh to an untrained ear, because that is how massive plastic sounds like. Just like metal music is basically harsh rock, so my plastic music is harsh IDM.

Most of the tracks were created 15 years ago. Maybe they were ahead of time? Or maybe they sound like your childhood? Because they definitely sound like my childhood.

As usual, every track has its own artwork.

The cat has cometh!

Artworks are on videos:

Fleksi Plastik – we know metal music, but what is plastic music? This was an attempt to create a very massive track with a beat that sounds … well … like plastic.

Abstrakt Model – what if beats get abstract and become perceived more as background ambient rather than rhythm carrier?

Akimirka – the most intense two minutes with complete randomness and self-interruptions. It’s impossible to follow the beat because the track is made so. The beat is not just rhythm, it’s melody, background, and meaning – the beat is life.

I Surround You – what if the beat is so intense that completely loses single hits to become a continuous flow, but still maintains the feel of complexity and structure? Fun fact – the rhythm carrying beat is a direct inspiration from Eurovision song contests.

Append – consider this track as a second take on “The beat is not just rhythm, the beat is life”.

Exposition – what if the beat gets slow, but we still try to create the mood of intensity? Varying intensity?

Incosmos – The beat is not just rhythm. The beat is life.

Go! Said Master – we don’t have a beat here, but what if the carrier of the track is the meaning of the text? Not the sample itself, because it’s always altered, not the pulsing beat, but what if the meaning is what guides you through the music? This track is a direct inspiration from Janek Schäfer’s “His Master’s Voices” – pay attention to accidentally synchronized “go go go” from different layers there. This is where the name comes from.

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