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Every track of this album has its own cover and beats. It may sound like created by a madman, who left his cave after 10 years of musical isolation.



Release info:

Artist: eww
Title: Maddest Sanity
Field: Alternating Current
Date emitted: 23 February, 2017
Number of tracks: 10
Total lenght: 64 min
Catalogue number: EEM019


What happens when a human being spends his whole life in a cave without contact to the outer world and after going out the first thing he does is music? Something like this album happens. It’s mad because beats and melodies are mad – one moment they are drifting far away like a foggy dream, the next moment they are coming back and walk towards you on their massive wolfram pillars. But they’re sane because everything is well structured. Even the seemingly insane rhythmic structures of Innner Peece are quite simple at heart.

Isn’t it too simple? Made with a 10 year old software from basic 10 year old samples? Consider it like a fossil from times when the Matrix was still something new and sensational, and everyone was still listening to trance, not psytrance – the original trance. Like a can with a sample of air conserved with those moments.

Every track is a separate composition, every track has its own unique sound and mood, consider this album a compilation of 10 different stories. And even more – each of them has its own hand-drawn artwork which also is an anachronism in this computer graphic ruled world. Artworks are like impressions that pop into an abstract mind after listening to the sounds.

What kind of sounds to expect? Beats more complex than in minimal, but not Squarepusher. Melodies nicer than in minimal, but not Debussy. Attitude less serious than in minimal, but not Yoshida. Wolfram is a special track – it’s more massive than minimal, but not jungle.

Artworks are on videos

Wolfram – massive like this metal used in making light bulbs. But it’s not metal music, it’s electronic.

Axis of the Supercluster – like an easy flight in space to visit our neighbor galaxies.

Composition 1 – the simplest deep composition among the deepest simple compositions.

The Place – a gap in the fabric of space spreading at the speed of light.

Elektronik Muzik – when a computer goes crazy, but it’s still a computer.

Innner Peece is not inner peace. It’s a search, a game, a battle.

Km/h – speed. Do not listen while driving. Seriously.

My Sound is Better – massive, but random, like easily floating bricks of concrete.

Take on Drum and Bass – I tried to recreate a popular style of dance music, and this what I got. This is not the exact style intended, but a variation of it.

Futurism – hopes about a new future. This is my first serious track ever made.

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