eww is the constructor of music exploring boundaries between styles. Where do drum and bass ends and ambient drone begin? What’s the difference between soft breakcore and fast experimental downtempo? The one who does not know those answers does a research.

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eww is researching with a minimalistic set of sounds. The inspiration comes from a capella singing, where a whole band is synthesized using only some voices. The inspiration comes from solo saxophone avant-garde jazz, where a total mess is created by only one guy just blowing into some metal tube. Also, the inspiration comes from minimalist electronic artist managing to create beautiful soundscapes using only few glitch sounds and white noise.

innner peece

So what is the style of eww? Subtle and complex. Chaotic and structured. Simple and avantgarde. I’m not trying to fit into any predefined description, I’m trying to fit into rhythms and melodies of my imaginations.

But yeah, it sounds like soft minimal breakcore gone avant-garde. Complex but structured beats mixed with uplifting positive synths. Like Rossz Csillag Alatt Született made by Alva Noto. The same what Björk does to pop, Mike Patton to metal, Karlheinz Stockhausen to classic. Early tracks were much simpler, though, you could even dance.


What does eww mean? Does it mean that sound representing disgust, like “Eww, that’s nasty”? It was not intended to mean that. It should be pronounced as “e-double-u-double-u”. Or “e-double-double-u” if you want. It means the sound of astonishment and surprise. All letters should be written lowercase or uppercase together.

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