Breakcore music created by a happy person.
Ambient music created by a breakcore person.
eww is a musical contradiction exploring boundaries between styles. I was never satisfied with a general tendency of overly “dark” underground electronic music and wanted to sprinkle some positive vibes on it. At the same time, I was upset by the plainness of positive music, so I wanted to add some complexity to it. I’m the ying and yang of music.
I never stopped at a single style and always created what sounded best for me, however, that naturally divided into two quite different sounds. One is more like complex breakcore with bright tones and melodies, another one is something like seismic ambient, with heavy and powerful basslines and clear melodies carrying the rhythm. My ambient music is generally described as “immersive”, and breakcore music is usually described as “wtf???”. But the names of those styles are only for indication.
the place
My own favourite genres are jazz and electronic. I always preferred more intellectual music for sitting calmly and listening in the evening rather than dancing in the parties. So, even in active and uplifting music I always search for complexity or subtlety.
freefall of a droplet
My first tracks were created something like 15-20 years ago with Fruity Loops 3. Then I did a break in working with music. And only recently I’m back.
What does “eww” mean? Actually, it means nothing, just entering these letters into a speech synthesizer produced an interesting sound, which carried the mood of “Huh?”, but prolonged. Now it should be pronounced as “e-double-u-double-u”. Or “e-double-double-u” if you want.

daily music

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